Changing our mindset for a better quality of life

Changing our mindset for a better quality of life

First, you need to know what ‘change’ is.

Specially we Indians should properly know about it. India needs a ‘change’ but the change would only come when we change our mind-set. The present condition of Indian economy is very poor compared to other nations like China. People think about how they can upgrade their lifestyle. They certainly choose to migrate to US, Dubai and other places of interest where they can earn a lot of money, even I thought of migrating once but since I am teen and gradually developing into an adult I completely changed my mind-set. Henceforth, I wanted to spread the awareness that instead of migrating to other countries we can make our India the best habitable country, if we upgrade. I know it is hard to do but we need to do it.

We have to gear up with other countries. We don’t have to focus on hard work. We need to do smart work. Hard work is good but without working smart its of little use. Avoiding laziness is the first and foremost required character, sleeping in the afternoon makes no sense, unless you are fully exhausted and really need some rest. It wastes a lot of positive energy and time. I know it is boring to read but if you read it and implement it in your life, you will enjoy the sweet fruit that it will produce in the future.

Dear Reader,
Wash your hands with soap before touching your face. Stay indoors. Isolate. Stay safe.

Now coming to the second most important point is brotherhood(bhaichara). Nowadays students are making separate gangs to show off other such gangs. What will they get by destroying someone else who belongs to their own country. We need to be united too which can make us do wonders, we need to create awareness of the energy we Indians possess. The biggest Intelligence failure of US was done by Indians and it is the unrivaled failure till the date. Hence, we can judge about our intelligence. Every Indian is disguised with his/her positive energy with which he/she can do wonders. We need to prove to the world that India is also a heavenly place to live.

Best phrase I have ever come across:-

★Transform Indians who will transform India.

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