Two things to avoid for a healthy relationship

Two things to avoid for a healthy relationship

Relationships are fragile, especially romantic ones. People often get caught up in their emotional needs and assurances so much that they forget the essence of their relationship. They fail to understand the feelings of their partner and it gets worse if they’re living apart.

  1. Getting too mad when they don’t reply or call back, even when you know they’re in an unsuitable situation to talk.
    Ever been in a situation where it’s “awkward – completely impossible” to talk with your partner, be it text or calls? That’s probably what they’re in, right now. Sometimes they want to talk but aren’t able to and at other times they might be doing something which prohibits them from talking. It’s wiser to acknowledge this fact and realise that they love you, regardless of communication.
  2. Bringing up completely unrelated issues from the past during an argument.
    This really is the driving force behind most of the failed relationships. As humans, we don’t like defeat. It damages our ego, so we bring up anything that we can remember, to point out others mistakes just to win an argument. But we fail to realise what’s at stake – our relationship. While you might temporarily win an argument (in your version of reality), you’ll end up losing your relationship. It’s better to forgive your partner for their mistakes and acknowledge that they’re not perfect. You’ll both make mistakes but it’s important to learn to forgive each other and grow your love. Bad memories often last longer hence you should try to avoid creating them. Occasional arguments aren’t bad, as long as it doesn’t escalate to an agonising war aimed to hurt each others sentiment.


Dear Reader,
Wash your hands with soap before touching your face. Stay indoors. Isolate. Stay safe.

Spend your limited time and energy securing your future, remember you want to live with them but, not by compromising their personal life.

Focus on good memories you’ve created together instead of lingering in the dull past. If those memories increase your longing beyond control try to divert your mind by talking with friends or better yet, create something special for your special one.


We wish you all the best for your relationship! 🙂

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