How to buy your first iPhone on low budget

Apple makes the most alluring gadgets. Premium, easy to use, consistent and posh are few words used to describe its products. But if you’re more careful with your money you should first try a smaller/older iPhone before buying a more premium one.
If possible buy a used iPhone 5 as a secondary phone, you can get them for ₹ 5000-5500 on ebay.

With so many offers for so many different models you might get confused which one should you pick. Let me help you there, the iPhone 5’s body is used in the 5s and later in iPhone SE which was basically iPhone 6s in 5s’s body except for the front facing camera, fingerprint sensor and 3d touch.
So, the best way to get a taste of the user experience without burning your pocket is to buy the iPhone 5.

Hope this post helped you! 🙂

Rohit Gupta
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