Best used phones under $100(₹6500) to use as a secondary device!

Best used phones under $100(₹6500) to use as a secondary device!

The smartphone industry has seen one of the highest rate of innovation in the last decade. New phones seem old within months of their release.

These days flagships are announced twice a year and it’s really difficult to keep upgrading to the latest one unless you’re rich and have tons of money to spend on a new phone or you’re a tech reviewer on YouTube.

If you’re unprivileged (like me) or you don’t like spending money on new phones you’ll find this post interesting because we’ll list the best phones you can buy for under $100 or ₹6500.

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  1. Moto X 2nd gen (XT1092) – Released in September, 2014, this phone sports a gorgeous 5.2′ Amoled display, Snapdragon 801 SOC and 2 GB of ram with Moto display and always listening voice assistant, it was the phone everyone wanted but now you can buy it for less than $75 or ₹5000. It may not be as posh as an iPhone but it certainly is the best bang for your buck. +1 for Amoled display.
  2. iPhone 5 – Released in September, 2012, this iPhone brought a display size increase for the first time since the original iPhone along with ram bump to 1 GB and other major cosmetic changes. Overall this can easily be used as a secondary phone. Prices are about $100 or ₹6500.
  3. LG Nexus 5 – Released in November, 2013, this phone was popular among the people who wanted affordable flagship without any distractions. Clean UI, fast updates and a powerful hardware were among its USPs(Unique selling point).
    Now though, you can buy it for less than $75 or ₹5000.

This was our pick. If you think that we’ve missed a phone worthy of being on this list be sure to write it in the comments below. We’d love to know what you think and we might even add it on this list and give you credit! 🙂

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