Using the 1st Generation Moto X in 2017!

Using the 1st Generation Moto X in 2017!

Today my brother asked me why I still use Moto X (4 years old phone), I told him that I like it!


My primary phone is Moto G(2015)

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Despite being 4 years old the Motorola Moto X truly is an amazing phone! The main reason for buying this phone was to test it’s always-on voice commands and it was the first phone made by Google after acquiring Motorola, but I quickly got bored with it and decided to unlock and root it. I’ve never gone back to stock since.


Since it’s an old phone, minor performance hiccups are expected. Even for the launch time of this phone, it has a mediocre processor. It uses s4 pro dual core CPU clocked at 1.73Ghz paired with adreno 320 GPU. While it’s competitors(Xperia Z1 and LG G2) used snapdragon 800(quad core – 2.2Ghz) and adreno 330 GPU. Motorola, in order to up it’s game used another set of dedicated processor for contextual computing. While it did help the phone in those days, it’s not very useful now. With apps like Facebook and the advent of faster, smaller, multi-core CPUs this phone feels sluggish at times.

I currently use CyanogenMod 13 in it. I haven’t tried LinageOS yet because no time! Anyway, here’s the antutu test result:



Here’s some CPU-Z hardware details:



User Interface:


I’ve barely changed anything in the default UI options. Same theme and wallpaper. I’ve installed nova launcher though, because I love it so much!









Difficulties I face due to old hardware:

I’m making these up they don’t really bother me much.

  1. I have to surf Facebook in the browser since the native app runs very slow on this phone.
  2. It’s a single sim phone and we’re used to having two sim cards hence I can’t use it as my primary phone.
  3. No Volte. Needs a 3rd party app to make/receive calls.
  4. Poor performing front camera.

Summing up:

Now you know why I love it? This is the BEST PHONE EVER! Kidding, I can’t afford to buy a new phone, that’s why.
Despite some disadvantages, this phone is really good. It has all the features that present day lower-mid range phone would lack. And it still performs at-par with them.
I’ve covered various aspects including how I use my phone and what apps I use. Hope you liked the post.
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