Top 4 Reasons why I bought the iPhone SE in 2018

Top 4 Reasons why I bought the iPhone SE in 2018

After weeks of thinking whether or not to buy an iPhone SE, I finally decided to buy it.

Every time I went to the Reliance Digital store in Bhubaneswar, I tried a feature or two just to make sure that I’d really love using the device after buying it. But, what even made me think about buying a two year old phone over so many newer phones, or to be more specific, the Realme 2 Pro?
I’ll explain in a moment but first let’s get to know the basics.

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Apple has always focused it’s products towards ease of use. Although their products are expensive, they are more easy to use and work very well with other apple products and services. This alone is a big reason why most of the people in United States use iPhone and Mac.

But we don’t live in the US and Apple’s service isn’t so great in India, is it? To make things worse, they price their products ridiculously high in India. iPhone Xs which starts at $1000 is priced at $1390 (Assuming 1 USD = 72 INR) in India. Still, even here, in India many people buy their products. Why? Because they’re good.

control centre

You wouldn’t understand the experience of using an iPhone if you’ve never used it.

I’m not talking about using it in stores. I’m talking about using it as your primary phone for at least a week and that’s what I simulated by going to the store and using the iPhone SE multiple times. When at home I’d watch videos about the experience of using the iPhone SE in 2018 on YouTube. I’d take notes of features I’d like to experience first hand and then try them at the store in my next visit. After doing it couple of times I came to conclude that I should buy the iPhone SE. The price of the phone was little too high at INR 18000. But, then came Flipkart’s sale and the price dropped to INR 16000. I immediately placed an order.

If you’ve been following my blog you’d know that I considered iPhone SE when buying the OnePlus 3T. Back then I thought that 64 GB storage was absolutely necessary in a phone and iPhone was available only in 32 GB. 64 GB variant was either out of stock or sold way too high. After using the OnePlus for about a year I realized that my storage requirement was a little different, out of the available 50 GB I was only using about 5 GB for apps and rest was all media. iPhone apps are lot bigger than Android but since I’d have two phones after buying the iPhone, it could be allocated for work and OnePlus could be used for media and entertainment.


Here’s what I thought about the storage problem on SE : 

The 32 GB iPhone has about 20 GB of usable space. Installing only the apps that I use for work would bring down the available storage to 10 GB. It would still be sufficient for most of the photos, videos and downloads I’d make on the iPhone. I mostly stream the music that I want to listen and don’t have to download videos on YouTube to watch them later because I have a pretty stable and fast internet connection at my home.

#1 Convenient form factor and size :

small iphone side

I had been using 3T (5.5 inches 16:9 display phone) for a year and never had any issue with reachability but I always had problem with pocketability. Whether it was riding bike for long distance or sitting on a low chair, the phone would protrude and make me feel uncomfortable. iPhone, having lot smaller dimension, fits pretty well, in fact so well that sometimes I forget that I’m carrying something in my pocket.

#2 Stable and hassle free operating system :

It’s true that Android is very customizable but with it, comes a needless desire to “fix what’s not broken”. After having used Android for more than 5 years I understood how good an operating system it is. How versatile and (what’s one word for something that offers a lot of choices? –  put it here) it is. From my Xperia Z1 to OnePlus 3T there wasn’t any device I hadn’t used extensively with root access and custom ROMs. I would just wait for about 6 months before rooting it and eventually installing custom ROMs on it. But even in android I started liking stock Google ROM more, and my choice of ROM for the 3T was Pixel Experience.

I started realizing that my excitement to try something new over something that works flawlessly had started to fade. To be more precise, I needed a more stable device to do my work and push multimedia and other entertainment tasks to a secondary phone. The iPhone fitted perfectly into the stable work device and my older 3T became my new secondary device.

#3 Regular and long term updates – longevity :


In my Android days I’d be excited to watch a new release of Android version (dessert) but will have to wait for weeks even months to get a taste of it in my phone. Back then IP ratings and premium build wasn’t a standard feature across all flagships. I couldn’t simply pick a nexus because I’d lose the water/dust resistance and beautiful build of the Z1. So, I had to go the custom ROM route almost always. But, with the iPhone you don’t have to worry about new features or new version releases because as long as you have a compatible hardware you’re going to get the new features and as long as your phone is under 4 years old, you’ll get the next major release of iOS. Take iPhone 5s for example, it was released in 2013 and still runs fine on iOS 12.1. Take Xperia Z1 or Galaxy S4 or any other Android from that time. Does it even run Android P? NO. Go the custom ROM route and install android P. First experience would be nice but after using it for longer you’ll start to notice bugs here and there because the software wasn’t designed by OEM. On the other hand with 5s, Apple develops the software themselves so it’s more optimised and less buggy. (There’s no such thing as bug free hence less buggy)

#4 Native apps for Video Editing :

youtube iphone

I started making Youtube Videos since September, this year. iMovie makes editing my videos very easy and quick on iPhone. If you’re just starting off as a YouTuber iMovie for iPhone and iPad is enough for you. If you have advanced video editing requirements and don’t have a Mac or a Powerful PC, Luma Fusion ($20 or INR 1600) for iOS would get you covered, but it’s best when used on an iPad pro.


Buy iPhone SE from flipkart:

Apple iPhone SE (Space Grey, 32 GB)

Here’s a YouTube video (in Hindi) on the same topic:

That was about me, but I’d love to know which phone you have and what made you buy it. How’s your overall experience and would you ever switch to an iPhone?

Tell us what you think about this article and you can also ask queries or drop your suggestions in the comment section below.

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