I almost bought an iPhone SE(OnePlus 3T vs iPhone SE)

I need a new phone as my current primary phone (Moto G 2015) is almost out of storage and speed. 16 GB internal with 32 GB via card and 2 GB ram was good for 2015 but as apps became bigger and better phone started giving up and that’s without Facebook app which would consume 4% more space and hamper speed.

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My budget was around 22k so after few days of research I decided iPhone SE 32 GB was the perfect phone. Although I wanted OnePlus 3T, it was costlier (8k more). So, I went ahead and ordered iPhone SE (only to cancel it later). It’d have been my first ever iPhone. I loved the hexa core PowerVR GT7600, camera, optimized apps ecosystem, but later I read it’s comparison with Adreno 530 and found out that Adreno was faster. Even in photo comparison OnePlus 3T was better than the iPhone. Those were the only reasons why I’d ordered it at the first place. Also, I am an android app developer so ultimately it had to be OnePlus.

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Reasons for not buying the iPhone

  • Old gen. touch-id, takes longer to unlock.
  • Takes longer to perform certain actions.
  • Not used to the Apple’s ecosystem and UI.
  • Data exchange with PC and other phones is really painful.


I cancelled the order on 31st May and ordered OP3T on 2nd June (had to pay via card and didn’t have credit until then, hence the delay).

P. S. – If you have an iPhone SE 32 GB and would like to exchange it with Moto X (2013) USCellular, email me: [email protected]


Thanks for your time. Have a nice day! 🙂

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