Buying a new phone? Read this to find out which one is the best for you!

Buying a new phone? Read this to find out which one is the best for you!

Are you buying a new phone? Does the iPhone X allure you?

Many people want to buy an iPhone. The only reason most of the people who want to buy, but don’t buy an iPhone, is because it’s costly, but not anymore. Apple unveiled the low-cost iPhone SE with internals of iPhone 6s and body of the iconic iPhone 5s in 2016 and it’s still the most powerful 4 inch phone in the market today.

Does iPhone SE make sense in 2018? Well, maybe, keep reading to find out.

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It depends on the kind of usage you have and whether you’re willing to sacrifice screen estate for quality and user experience. It also depends on how big your hands are.

If you have small hands like the famous Pepper Pots, you should get the iPhone SE. Case closed. If not, then continue reading.

Here’s a video from Simple Alpaca “The iPhone SE is the most important iPhone in 2018”

This isn’t the best iPhone though, iPhone 10 (X) is. Behind the hefty price of $1000+ lies a beautiful work of art, fine crafted with the help of cutting edge technology whose value is seen and understood only by the greatest of people…

Fine, coming to the point. Have you noticed how, many companies have started using notches on their new phones. These are the companies who wait for a market leader like Apple or Samsung to make something popular and then, they include these tested, working features on their phones.
Among many such features is the edge to edge display, with or without a notch. But, have you noticed a difference in the implementation of these displays? They manage to make the top-notch smaller but none of them has managed to get rid of the bottom chin like the iPhone X.



The connector used to join the display to the motherboard is usually placed at the bottom, that’s why every company is having a hard time getting rid of the bottom chin. Then, how did Apple do it? Well, they folded the flexible OLED display at the bottom edge by 180° and there they placed the connector, thereby creating a chinless display. So the display of the iPhone X doesn’t end at the bottom, it folds into itself.

Illustration below:

new phone

Image from Apple’s iPhone X illustrative video “iPhone X — Introducing iPhone X — Apple

It’s these small details that captures the attention of perfectionists, or iPhone buying perfectionists.

Another feature in the iPhone X which people underrate is the Face ID. While it may not be as accurate as a fingerprint sensor, it is accurate enough to be used daily and animojis show exactly that. Whatever the reason for ditching the fingerprint sensor might be, if you think that it’s impossible for face ID to replace the fingerprint sensor in the future you’re mistaken. Face ID is not limited by light, it works in the dark too. Read more about it from the BGR’s post “You might be using Face ID wrong – here’s how you fix it

So, if you’re confused about buying a new phone right now, but you have the budget of an iPhone X, go ahead and buy it, you’ll not regret. Don’t get distracted by Samsung Galaxy S9 plus or Google Pixel 2 XL, buy the iPhone X.


I highly recommend buying the 256GB variant as 64GB fills up after a year of usage.

Here, let me make it easier for you.
256 GB (Highly recommended):

64GB (Not recommended):

Still not convinced? Got distracted?
Alright, Here’s the 3rd best option after iPhone X 256GB and iPhone X 64GB:

Samsung is the market leader in terms of android phone sales. Back in 2013, I used to hate it for it’s plastic body and cartoonish UI. When time came to buy a flagship, I bought the Sony Xperia Z1 over the Galaxy Note 3. Reason? premium feel, better UI, better build quality and waterproof(very rare back then). Fast forward 5 years and you have the Galaxy S9+. Who would have thought that the company which made the Galaxy Note 3 would make something like the Galaxy S9 and S9+, It’s soooooooo much better!

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 128GB and 64GB respectively(only recommended if you hate Apple and love Samsung)

More distractions?

Google entered the smartphone business with it’s first nexus phone in January 2010. Then, android was very different from what it is now. The Android community greatly benefited from open source nature of Android which allowed it to grow beyond Google and OEMs, at XDA. Thanks to this community, old, but popular android phones could still run the latest Android version through Custom ROMs for several years after the manufacturers dropped their support. It was beneficial for consumers as they could use their phones for longer periods of time without losing latest features or security patches.

Many of the features we see on the stock Android today were first baked by the folks at XDA. Today, stock android is the preferred android ROM, and which other phone can give you its experience better than the Pixel 2 XL?

Here’s Google Pixel 2 XL for the rescue(only recommended if you hate both, Apple and Samsung)

Do you like the Apple’s ecosystem more than Google’s but your pockets are shallow?

Well, there are some bad iPhones from which you should stay away because they don’t offer the best bang for your buck and those phones are the 7 and 8 series iPhones. What should you buy instead? An iPhone 6s or an iPhone 6s Plus if you prefer a large screen, but if you want best value for money iPhone, then go with the iPhone SE.

Did you buy any of the phones from above?
Already have one of the phones mentioned above?
Tell us about the experience with your phone and how long you’ve been using it, in the comments below.

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