Technical Guruji Net Worth – How much does he earn?

Technical Guruji Net Worth – How much does he earn?

Find out what is the net worth of Gaurav Cahudhary, aka Technical Guruji. 

Technical Guruji is a Dubai based Indian Tech YouTuber. He has about 14.9 Million subscribers. But, he also has a vlogging channel by the name of Gaurav Chaudhary. There he has about 2.95 Million Subscribers. Combined, both channels have an average of 43 Million views every month (Data: January 2020). 

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He started making and uploading videos to YouTube in 2015. In the last 5 years he has gained more than 15 Million subscribers which makes his channel one of the fastest growing Tech YouTube channels in the world. He is currently the biggest Tech YouTuber in India.

Technical Guruji – Early life and Education

Technical Guruji or should I say Gaurav Chaudhary is an Engineer, YouTuber and a Businessman who completed his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya. When he was in 11th std, his dad met with an unfortunate accident and went to coma. Things were hard for him, but with the support of his family he completed his schooling and later applied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communication from a College in Bikaner. 

technical guruji net worth education

He lost his father when he was in 3rd semester of Bachelor’s College. But, he continued with his Engineering and completed it. Then in 2012, he moved with his family to Dubai to live with his elder brother. There he completed a ME degree in microelectronics from BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus.

Source: 26 YEARS OF MY LIFE – Connecting the Dots – Gaurav Chaudhary


Technical Guruji – Occupation

Apart from being a YouTuber he’s also a businessman. He is a Dubai police certified security systems engineer and supplies security equipment like CCTV, Access Control Systems, etc to Dubai Police and probably other organisations. He also has a family business that deals in groceries, and FMCG. Those businesses are taken care of, by his elder brother. Recently he also started Graphite mining business in Southern India.
(Guruji, if you’re reading this, I hope its doing well!)

Engineer by Education, Entrepreneur by Profession, Nano-Science Researcher by Interest, YouTuber by Passion.

– From the bio of “Technical Guruji” on Twitter

Technical Guruji – Income and Net Worth Calculation

He earns about Rs. 15-20 Lakhs from YouTube per month. But, that is merely 1% of his total earnings from his businesses. So, going by that analogy we come to a figure of about 15-20 Crores from his business operations. Even after deduction of taxes (VAT and other taxes) and other expenses his yearly income should be about Rs. 168 Crores. But, since his business is new I don’t think it was equally profitable 3 years ago. Taking all those factors into account I have calculated the net worth of Technical Guruji below.

Technical Guruji – Net Worth 

Ah, the net worth of Technical Guruji aka Gaurav Chaudhary. Something you’ve been eagerly waiting for. Going by the estimates of his income and accounting for the number of years Gaurav has been actively working, his net worth should be about Rs. 275 Crores ($US 38.35 Million). This does’t include his family net worth which should be much higher.

Net Worth$ 38.35 Million
Known forTechnical Guruji on YouTube
PositionBusinessman, YouTuber, Engineer.
CountryIndian, Lives in UAE
Last Updated2020

Here’s how I came to this conclusion: He earned close to nothing (compared to current standards) in 2015. Then 2016 through 2020 his earnings rose up at a rate of 115%. That puts his total earnings from YouTube at about Rs. 2 – 3 Crores. Since Technical Guruji and Gaurav Chaudhaury channels contribute to 1% of his total earnings and hence also his net worth. It is highly likely that his business earnings till now would be at Rs. 200 – 300 Crores. Let’s say it is Rs. 250 Crores. But he has been doing business since 2014.

So, let’s add 30 Crores for 2014 and 60 Crores for 2015. That makes his net worth Rs. 340 Crores. Deducting 20% as expenses and taxes we get Rs. 272 Crores. Adding YouTube earnings to this total would raise his net worth by 3 Crores to Rs. 275 Crores.

So, that’s how I estimated the net worth of Technical Guruji to be about Rs. 275 Crores ($US 38.35 Million).



I think that Gaurav Chaudhary or Technical Guruji deserves all the love, respect, and success that he is currently getting. In his entire YouTube career, (or hobby) he hasn’t missed uploading videos for even a single day. It’s not like he doesn’t get sick, but he remains consistent even during his sickness. That kind of dedication is truly amazing and unmatched!

By our estimates, the net worth of Technical Guruji is about Rs. 275 Crores ($US 38.35 Million). Since this is an unofficial figure it may vary. But, we have tried our best to keep it as accurate as possible.

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