iJustine Net Worth, Real name, & Age

Find out what is the net worth of Justine Ezarik, professionally known as iJustine.

iJustine is an American Tech YouTuber, a host and an actress. On her channel iJustine, she has over 6.3 Million Subscribers and 1.1 Billion video views.

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Her channels average 10 Million video views each month (Data: Socialblade, February 8th, 2020). 

iJustine – Early life and Education

Justine was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has two younger sisters, one of which is Jenna Ezarik. 

She went to Bentworth High School and then graduated from Pittsburgh Technical Institute. 

After graduating from the institute she landed several jobs in graphics design and video editing before lifecasting on Justin.tv (now defunct). She quickly became popular and also started her YouTube Channel iJustine. 


iJustine – YouTube Career

Justine started as a lifecaster on Justin.tv as iJustine.tv, but then also started making YouTube videos. She was one of the most popular lifecasters and was described as “lifecasting star” and “new media star”. 

Justin.tv is no longer operational as their parent company Twitch Interactive closed it to focus on the popular game streaming site Twitch. 

Justine is known to use Apple products extensively and mostly reviews about them, although that’s changing lately. 

iJustine – Income

iJustine gets about 10 Million views on her Videos each month. According to our estimates she should have an avg. CPM of $1.50. That puts her monthly Adsense earnings to about $15,000. Lets add $6,000 (40% of Adsense Revenue) as her affiliate and sponsorship income. That’s a total of $21,000.00. So, according to our estimates iJustine earns about $21,000.00 from YouTube each month.

iJustine – Net Worth

The net worth of most of the YouTuers isn’t public, but their incomes can be predicted with a fair amount of accuracy using tools like socialblade and already available information. We have calculated the net worth of iJustine after a fair amount of research. According to our estimates, the net worth of iJustine is about $1 Million as of February 2020.

Net Worth$1 Million
Known foriJustine on YouTube, Lifecasting Star, a new media star
PositionYouTuber, Actor
CountryUnited States of America
Last Updated2020


Justine Ezarik is one of the oldest and most respected tech YouTubers. She’s even mentioned by Linus Sebastian as one of his favourite YouTubers. 


By our estimates, the net worth of iJustine is about $1 Million. Since this is an unofficial figure it may not be accurate. But, we have tried our best to keep it close to actual figures.

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