Four years of my hostel life

Four years of my hostel life

Hello! I am Ritesh Kumar Gupta. I wanted to share my experience with you guys as I spent 4 years staying in a hostel. I hope everyone will try to understand. I studied in St.Lawrence, Angul upto Std.6. I joined Times Gurukul, Bhubaneswar in Std.7 and my 4 years hostel journey began.

Starting years were easy

Life was pretty easy in the hostel at first. I didn’t know where the life was taking me. I went with the flow of life. I had a fight with a boy in the month of november, 2015. He was very cunning and had accomplished Phd in cheating. The year went by but still the condition was not well. Because of that boy, everyone started hating me but I was not a weak guy and hence tolerated everything. I got a chance of getting off the hostel but I refused. Class 8 was the same just 5 good friends were made. The year 2016 passed by and in 2017, I was promoted to Std.9 and a new teacher came. He was very good. His primary teaching subject was English.

Dear Reader,
Wash your hands with soap before touching your face. Stay indoors. Isolate. Stay safe.

My life was good. He had faith on me. I was good in everyone’s eyes. Indeed I am good now also.

A path to self-destruction

My classmates were slowly but definitely going towards their destruction due to cannabis(ganja). They were caught several times and also they fought with others frequently. They were suspended several times. Even then, they didn’t change themselves. They thought that they were rugged but indeed they weren’t.

They also had a misbelief that they were the richest of the campus but still begged for even basic supplies like toothpaste, face wash, soap, etc.

The girls of my class were ‘beautyfool’ instead of ‘beautiful’. Everyone had a boyfriend and everyone would roam hand in hand in the classroom.


Final year

Std.9 was over and now the English teacher also left and the year of real struggle started. The support from English teacher was missing. The start was only wrong which resulted in a wrong ending. Everything was against me but however I managed to set everything fine. Few good friends were made and that’s it. The year went by. I had a lot to enjoy. Every single mischievous guy was suspended because of their activities and now the exams are over and I am free and fine. The hostel taught me seven important lessons to become successful and to be independent.

  • Never rely upon others(teachers) for anything.
  • Be your own boss. Never follow the crowd.
  • Think about the upcoming consequences before doing something.
  • Don’t be over-friendly with anyone.
  • Trust none.
  • Wrong is wrong if everyone is following it.
  • Right is right even if no one is following it.


I hope it will be helpful for you in the future as you will come to know about different shades of different people. I am not telling that hostels are bad but you need to be very careful when you get admitted or will admit your child in a hostel. So,this was my experience about my hostel life.

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