Searching on Google is fun! The term “Google it” has become mainstream and we all have heard it at least once from our friends. Google also provides a service called “autocomplete” which suggests the most common words searched by people in the vicinity thereby making it easier and faster to search.

We’ve compiled a list of such searches starting with “why is” ‘a’ to ‘z’.

Dear Reader,
Wash your hands with soap before touching your face. Stay indoors. Isolate. Stay safe.

A – Air is called breath of life because it contains oxygen which is vital for respiration of all living organisms.

B – It’s important because they say it’s important.

C – I can see the reason behind overpopulation now.

D – Bet you didn’t know this: Phosphate groups in the DNA backbone carry negatively charged oxygen molecules giving the phosphate-sugar backbone of DNA an overall negative charge. Source:dnai.org


ECorrection: Earthworms are farmer’s colleagues.

F – Slow and steady wins the race!

G – De-localized electrons, baby!

H – Intermolecular forces. 12th chemistry.

I – India is also called Bharat.

J – Jio is free and slow. Interesting!


K – That question is 5 years old.

L – Like I said before, it’s important because they say it’s important.

M – Poor Messi.

N – Neptune has methane. Methane is blue. And I thought earth was the blue planet!

O – Water reflects blue light. Ocean has Water.

P – Pluto has Adult content.

Q – Because: quora is popular.

R – We reached 7 Billion without knowing the benefits of reproduction!

S – And Sex

T – The rain has to be divine. It comes after summer.

U – What utp? O.o

V – Venus has more sex appeal.

W – Weed isn’t illegal everywhere.

X – Don’t buy xolair

Y – My name isn’t Google. Neither is my CGPA low.

Z – Zinc is confusing. :s


Thanks for your time. Here’s a potato:

err, sorry this ^ confused us!

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