What is PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

What is PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

About PUBG

As the name suggests, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a Battle Royale where 100 players are air dropped on an island.

Players are airdropped from a plane like this one…

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It is the most trending game (at the time of writing this article). It is available for Playstation, iOS, Android, Xbox and Windows. It can be played in three different team configurations :

  • solo (single),
  • duo (two players team),
  • squad (four players team)

Apart from these three modes you can disable auto-matching and go for either of these:

  • 1 vs 4
  • 2 vs 4
  • 3 vs 4

PUBG is a strategic survival game. This doesn’t mean that we need to kill the most player’s but in this we need to use our skills and tricks to be the last man standing in the arena or battlefield.

Transparent circle is the play-zone. Players outside the play-zone suffer from damages and eventually die…


A playzone (transparent circle) is present which shrinks according to the time and players forcing players to get closer and closer to fight. Very good guns (having very high damage) are very rare to be found such as AWM (sniper rifle) is very rare to be found in a classic match. It is only air dropped. Airdrop contains very good loots it attracts many player’s to fight upon for better guns and supplies.

A Special Airdrop. It contains many good weapons not found elsewhere in the battleground…

Guns and Armoury

Now comes the types of guns:-

  • Ar- Assault Rifles (good for rapid firing but has a single mode)
  • Sniper Rifles (good for long ranges)
  • SMG- Sub Machine Gun (good for rapid firing but has a single mode)
  • Sg- Shotguns (good for short range targets)
  • Pistols (good in the beginning)

Flare guns are very rare to find. It is used to call for a special airdrop (if shot inside the play-zone) and a bulletproof jeep (if shot outside the play-zone)

Loot and Throwaways

You need to loot several houses in the arena.

You get vests and helmets having different ranks. You get some throwables like Frag grenade, smoke grenade, stun grenade and Molotov cocktail which are very useful in attacking an enemy in a building.



Photo of a Jeep

We get a bike (two and three seater). A buggy, sedan, jeep and a bulletproof jeep (only airdropped)

Consumables and health fillers

You need to hunt for consumables like med kit (full health kit) which is very rare to be found. First aid kit (which is a bit easy to be found, provides 75% of health), painkillers, energy drinks, and adrenaline syringes. These provide you with health. We have 100 units of health.

This game is very addictive but interesting. Even I play this game but for random fun. It’s a great game guys.


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