This Sensex stock is trading at a bargain price! Should you buy, or should you stay away? And two more cheap, but good stocks

Disclaimer: The article is not a trading advice/recommendation. It is only meant for educational purpose only. The reader should study with due diligence whether a stock is fairly priced, before investing in it. Stock market investing is risky and investors must be aware of the same. You could lose all of your money in a matter of days, not trying to scare anyone, but it’s important to learn to manage risk and stay confident during volatility, which is only possible if the investment is based on independent research, analysis and understanding of company’s fundamentals, rather than someone’s advice/recommendation. The author, website, it’s company, owner or any other person(s) associated directly/indirectly with this website( are not liable for any loss caused to anyone reading and following this article.

Tata Motors closed at 249 yesterday,(13th August, 2018) 1.10 below Friday’s 250.10

Priced at about 24% below it’s book value, Tata Motors is a huge bargain, especially considering that the reasons of it’s decline are overall market volatility, JLR problems(BREXIT), and negative standalone profits.
The company’s consolidated profits have also taken a hit at 8,988.91Cr. in 2018, down by 35.75% from the high of 13,991.02 Cr. in 2014 but it’s passenger vehicle segment is headed in the right direction with it’s turnaround 2.0 strategy which should bear results in the upcoming years.

Vedanta closed at 216.10 yesterday,(13th August, 2018) 7.6 below Friday’s 223.70


This company’s stock is priced at 4 % above it’s book value. The price took a beating due to similar reasons, overall market decline, copper smelter shutdown in Tamil Nadu and decreased standalone yearly numbers. However, the company’s fundamentals remain intact and I think that it’s profits will increase in the future. It’s 2015-16 consolidated profits was in negative due to declining commodity prices. Vedanta has a tonne of debt and only rising revenue can help them. This company is a good long term bet provided its fundamentals remain intact.

ONGC closed at 166.30 yesterday,(13th August, 2018) 2.95 below Friday’s 169.25


ONGC is the state owned Oil and natural gas exploration and production company. The reason for it’s decline are overall market decline and rising crude prices which being a state run company, has to absorbed by this giant.
Long term(10 years) prospect of this company looks good and the price is already attractive at 8 % above it’s book value.

What are your views about the above named companies? Did we miss an attractive company? Tell us in the comments below.

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