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Bitcoin price restored! | Strange price in exchange: btcxindia

After the last downfall of bitcoin prices many had lost their trust in it. A lot of people were disappointed.


Although people agreed about him being an idiot:

Link to the post:

And they were right about it. Bitcoin price went back up from $880 to $1000+ in few days and right now. it’s $1128.90

coinmarketcap data:

This translates to

1 Bitcoin equals
74109.11 Indian Rupee
source: google search
now, let’s see the price on zebpay:
on Unocoin:
Let’s now see the price in
It’s clear that people using btcxindia have lost their faith in bitcoin. Trades have slowed down and prices are lower than the global market. Previously it used to be on par or higher than the global market. Looks like the disappointment and fear has been retained by these people now.
source: bitcointalk
UPDATE: I logged in to the website and found out the real problem:
So, they’re afraid of the hard-fork. My bad!
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