Bitcoin for beginners

After Japan accepted Bitcoin as legal currency, It’s gathered lot of attention and hence this post. You must have read this already: “Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer Decentralized electronic cash system.” This was the title of the original white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. From the white paper: Abstract. A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash … Read moreBitcoin for beginners

Read this before buying an air-conditioner!

Air-Conditioners are a need nowadays, especially in humid areas with high temperature. So, everyone needs it and everyone buys it but very few ever think about star ratings, insulation of room, and the coil material. Trust me they do play a major role in deciding how heavy your newly bought ac will be on your wallet … Read moreRead this before buying an air-conditioner!

Using the 1st Generation Moto X in 2017!

moto x

Today my brother asked me why I still use Moto X (4 years old phone), I told him that I like it! My primary phone is Moto G(2015) Despite being 4 years old the Motorola Moto X truly is an amazing phone! The main reason for buying this phone was to test it’s always-on voice commands and it was … Read moreUsing the 1st Generation Moto X in 2017!

Bitcoin price restored! | Strange price in exchange: btcxindia


After the last downfall of bitcoin prices many had lost their trust in it. A lot of people were disappointed. Although people agreed about him being an idiot: Link to the post: And they were right about it. Bitcoin price went back up from $880 to $1000+ in few days and right now. it’s … Read moreBitcoin price restored! | Strange price in exchange: btcxindia

Are we alone?

Are we alone? This is a question I’ve had for a long time. The vastness of universe favours the idea of extraterrestrial life. I think our generation is lucky because we’ve seen technology evolve from nothing to everything. From simple word processor to artificial intelligence in couple of decades is an amazing achievement. I think these … Read moreAre we alone?

How to get rounded images in wordpress without installing a plugin

Rounded pictures are cool! That’s the reason why Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Google, use it. Standard square image: rounded image:   you say, which one looks better? of course the round one! So, this is how you do it- open the html or text editor from the right corner of the input area: find … Read moreHow to get rounded images in wordpress without installing a plugin


  Searching on Google is fun! The term “Google it” has become mainstream and we all have heard it at least once from our friends. Google also provides a service called “autocomplete” which suggests the most common words searched by people in the vicinity thereby making it easier and faster to search. We’ve compiled a … Read more26 GOOGLE SEARCH SUGGESTIONS COMPILATION(A-Z)