Are we alone?

Are we alone? This is a question I’ve had for a long time. The vastness of universe favours the idea of extraterrestrial life.

I think our generation is lucky because we’ve seen technology evolve from nothing to everything. From simple word processor to artificial intelligence in couple of decades is an amazing achievement. I think these advancements in science & technology will get us to the nearest star “proxima centauri” in the next couple of decades.

Dear Reader,
Wash your hands with soap before touching your face. Stay indoors. Isolate. Stay safe.

But we won’t stop there. We’ll sail the galaxy in search of an​ earth like planet. A planet that is habitable for us. I think it’s very important for the survival of human species.
Some people also think that we’ve cross bred with aliens in the past. Or we are aliens who were transported to earth as a punishment. They provide evidence like:

  • Sunburn- because we’re not used to this kind of heat.
  • Back ache- the gravity on our home planet could’ve been weaker in comparison to earth.
  • Problems with natural habitat- hence we created our own.

Here’s the source.

That was 4 years old story.

This year they’ve managed to gather more evidence suggesting that life in fact evolved in mars and was transported to earth via meteors.


Right or wrong this could mean a lot for us. Our entire understanding of evolution process will have to be reconsidered if they manage to get their hands on a strong evidence.


Personally, I don’t think our life started outside earth. We evolved here in this planet. But I also believe in extraterrestrial life. I always have. It feels very insignificant when compared with what’s out there in the outer space. The universe is huge!

It saddens me to think about the chaos we have created with our greed for money, power and control. We need to learn to live together. We have to find a way to reach another habitable planet before population becomes unsustainable or a nuclear war breaks out or a meteor strikes our earth and ends us.

There are countless ways to die but only one way to survive! Let’s see what fate has in store for us.

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