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Nicheless.in is a website that focuses on Rich lists, Net worth, wealth generation, and self-motivation. We believe that information can be downloaded to your brain faster and more efficiently if the content is made exciting. At nicheless.in we try to do just that.

Niche has several meanings one of which is “a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.” But, where’s the fun in that? Following this principle, we decide to forgo our comfort zone and outdo ourself every single day.

From the creator of nicheless.in

Hi, I’m Rohit!


Born in the same year when Internet came to India, I was fortunate to have had the exposure to a computer system since 2002. I was in grade 2 then, and none of my classmates had a PC. I used to invite my closest of friends and we played games on my computer. A teacher lived near our house who used to teach me DOS commands.

The Microsoft FrontPage intrigued me and I used to spend a lot of time designing new websites while listening to music, but two years later my computer stopped working. I didn’t know why and how, but was curious to find out. I opened up the CPU cabinet and broke the CPU fan while trying to open it the wrong way. It was later repaired, but I learnt not to touch anything without knowing how to operate it properly.

I started reading old magazines from the store-room which my Uncle had left after going to the US. Those were 1995-98 Chip, and Digit magazines, from there, my interest grew and I started reading more and more. I loved staying updated with the technological trends, but at the same time its history fascinated me.

Fast-forward fourteen years and you have me.

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