Secp256k1 – from biovolt bitcoin archive

From Bitcoin Wiki: secp256k1 refers to the parameters of the ECDSA curve used in Bitcoin, and is defined in Standards for Efficient Cryptography (SEC) (Certicom Research, As excerpted from Standards: The elliptic curve domain parameters over Fp associated with a Koblitz curve secp256k1 are specified by the sextuple T = (p,a,b,G,n,h) where the finite field Fp is defined by: p = FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF […]


Cheena Sandwich Recipe

Cheena Sandwich Recipe:- I have another sandwich recipe which is my favourite one. I must say guys its not only healthy but also very delicious. Cheena is a main ingredient in our recipe. So, let’s get straight to the recipe … INGREDIENTS (1 Cup=250ML) :- Materials for preparing Cheena:- A clean cotton cloth A medium […]